Welcome, New Eagles! New Student Orientation supports your successful transition into the AU community.


Welcome to life as an Eagle! At AU, we're changemakers. We鈥檙e all about building connections, strengthening community, and creating a better future.鈥疧n campus or off campus, in DC or abroad, we rise to the challenges of our times 鈥 and we do it together:

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AU Welcome Week 2023: Welcome to AU!

What's New Student Orientation like at AU? Check out our recap of last year's orientation to get ready for this year!听

Orientation Resources

New Eagle Essentials

Join us for an informative virtual session about the many resources on campus! Incoming students must attend one of three New Eagle Essentials held over the summer on Zoom. Register with the links below:

  • , 6 pm - 9 pm
  • , noon - 3 pm
  • , 9 am - noon
  • Family and guests: !
Students walking in the SIS building

Welcome Transfer Students

We're excited that you're joining our community! Read about the steps to take before you start your semester.听

Accommodations and Access

The Academic Support and Access Center (ASAC) works to ensure every student has the support and access they need to succeed. Individuals with disabilities work with ASAC to register for accomodation.听

Students outside SIS

First Year Advising

New Eagles will start to receive guidance about course registration in early May. Explore your听First Year Advising resources.

First Year Advising

Academic Support Services

The transition to college academics can be challenging. Don't wait until you feel stuck or overwhelmed to take advantage of our free Academic Support Services.

Students and families moving into Anderson-Centennial Hall at AU.

Housing & Residence Life

Find your home on campus! Learn more about the residence halls and residence life for incoming students.

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