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Fees & Online payments

Online payments for Registration Fees, Acceptance Deposit and School Fees can all be paid using the link below.

This link will take you to our Hurst Flywire payment page.

Please ensure if you are bookmarking a web page to make future payments more convenient, please bookmark this Hurst page not the Flywire link.

Implications of government policy on VAT for Independent Schools

The College has received an increasing number of enquiries from parents/prospective parents regarding possible changes to VAT policies under a Labour government and the likely impact on College fees. This is in relation to the expected UK General Election before January 2025. Below are answers to some common questions in relation to what this means for Hurst at the present time. This will be updated as we find out more details.

Basic termly fees for 2023-24 Junior Prep School

(Day school only)

Year groupFees

拢3,670 (full day) / 拢2,745 (part day)

Years 1 and 2


Year 3


Years 4 to 6


Basic termly fees for 2023-24 Senior Prep School

(Day school only)

Year groupFees
Years 7 and 8


Basic termly fees for 2023-24 Senior School

Day/boarding optionFees

拢9,640 (Years 9-11)
拢9,505 (Sixth Form)

Flexi boarding (3 nights per week)

拢11,585 (Years 9-11)
拢11,450 (Sixth Form)

Weekly boarding (5 or 6 nights per week)

拢12,340 (Years 9-11)
拢12,205 (Sixth Form)